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Tackling Inconsiderate Parking

Tackling Inconsiderate Parking
19th August 2009 developer

From June, local authorities in England will have more powers to tackle inconsiderate parking. If motorists double park or park at dropped kerbs, councils will be able to issue Penalty Charge Notices, even if these prohibitions have not been indicated by specific road signs or markings. This follows a consultation that showed that most people strongly support this move.

Blocking dropped kerbs prevents wheelchair users and people with pushchairs or wheeled luggage from using that location as a crossing point, and sometimes impedes access to residential driveways. Double parking creates problems for passing vehicles, as well as blocking sight lines for motorists and pedestrians.

Transport Minister Paul Clark said: ‘The Highway Code is clear that drivers should not stop or park in such places and we believe placing of traffic signs or road markings to indicate these restrictions should not be necessary – as is the case in London. The same rules will apply to double parking – a dangerous activity that causes an unnecessary obstruction of the road, putting all road users at risk.’