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Access Statements

NRAC Auditor and NRAC Consultant Providing Access Statements

Good Access Statements, promoting best practice and posted on your website can help people to make an informed choice about visiting your premises. It’s another way of making your business stand out from the competition, and it’s one of our most popular services.

The aim of the Access Statement is to explain the design principles around access and to argue the case for features that are an alternative to the conventional guidance in the Building Regulations Approved Document or from other recognised sources.

Access Statements produced by About Access starts at the concept stage, works its way through the development and stays with the building for its lifetime. As a living document, it is updated as changes are made to the building and it should be seen as a companion to documents relating to, for example, the heating and ventilation system.

It will demonstrate how your design meets with the statutory guidance, why any variations might exist and what measures have been taken to make them accessible. The Access Statement gives you the opportunity to show your awareness and appreciation of features within your property that might present a problem for disabled people, and to set out how you have managed to overcome or minimise the impact.

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