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Disability Strategic Planning

Accessibility Strategic Planners

The most effective way to approach the issue of disabled access is to build it into your organisation’s long-term plan, make it part of your culture.

Disability strategic planning is an essential part of business. Paying attention to loos and lifts, ramps and rails will make life less difficult for disabled people but the best way to make a real difference is to start at the top. If you get the strategy right from the start, then everything else should fall into place.

At About Access we can help you frame your plans to develop your organisation with disabled access in mind. The built environment will form part of the process, but we will also show you how to think at a higher level about how you are going to provide your services.
For example if you’re buying a shop you should have an access audit done on the building, but if you’re buying a chain of shops you should devise a strategy for all of them that is both comprehensive and cost-effective.

You might need a template or a check-list of guidelines that cover what you need now and what sort of modifications you might require in the future. It would cover buildings and people, because attitude and awareness are vital, and it would promote forward-thinking, helping to future-proof your business as legislation and facilities change.

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