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Accessibility Design Team

Accessibility specialists are an integral part of your design team

A new construction project can involve an army of experts all working towards the same aim but not necessarily aware of the fine detail which can make or break the best-laid plans.

You might have a lead architect, someone looking after construction design and management, a fire engineer, a mechanical and electrical expert and a landscape architect. They are all specialists in their respective disciplines. However, they may not necessarily anticipate the accessibility impact of their individual contributions on the wider project. Accessibility is not an aspect of design which can be ignored and it is therefore essential that you have the addition of an accessibility design team to help make the project run smoothly.

By appointing an access consultant to the team you can ensure you get things right first time and avoid the delays to a project that result from having to revise the work of one specialist and then make sure it fits with the plans of all the others. The savings in time and money are such that typically the investment will pay for itself.

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Consultants are members of the National Register of Access Consultants (NRAC)
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