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About Us

Accessibility and Inclusive Learning Provider

About Access provides a variety of services concerned with accessibility and inclusive learning. As an access consultant, we provide outstanding training, audits and access statements for councils, workplaces and more. Our expert consultancy services and accredited practical advice ensures your business meets the Equality Act.

Our accessibility and inclusive learning services range from the preparation of Design and Access Statements for new planning applications to audits of completed projects. Our training materials equip you with the knowledge to ensure you meet the regulations set out in the Equality Act and prevent things from going wrong.

We conduct courses for aspiring access auditors and we provide guidance for architects during the planning stages of new developments.

Instructing our services from the get-go is a much less time consuming and costly decision than dealing with the aftermath of things going wrong.

Our aim is to help companies and other organisations ensure that their premises are accessible, and their staff are properly trained and aware of the needs of disabled people and the business opportunities that can result from looking after them properly.

Our Managing Director; Ian Streets, is a member of the National Register of Access Consultants and the Access Association and as such works with BSI Standards, the UK’s national standards body, to advise on appropriate designs for buildings and their surrounding areas. We really care about accessibility and inclusion for all.

There is a growing realisation that some disabled people struggle to enter buildings and navigate with ease. While they have the same right as non-disabled individuals, our aim is to break this cycle, educate businesses and help improve accessibility for all.

About Access works with organisations of all sizes around the country and overseas in the public and private sectors, and on all property types from listed buildings to those still on the drawing board.

Consultants are members of the National Register of Access Consultants (NRAC)
Member since 2003