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Sex, farmers and mobile phones mean success for seventh blogging day

Sex, farmers and mobile phones mean success for seventh blogging day
3rd May 2012 developer

Disabled bloggers have posted their views about topics as diverse as sex, special education, assistive technology and the barriers facing disabled farmers, as part of the seventh annual Blogging Against Disablism Day (BADD).

The annual event, which took place on 1 May, was the idea of the anonymous disabled activist who has been blogging at Diary of a Goldfish since 2005.

BADD allows disabled and non-disabled people across the world to blog about their “experiences, observations and thoughts about disability discrimination” and “raise awareness of inequality, promote equality and celebrate the progress we’ve made”.

This year’s BADD saw more than a hundred blogs, with subjects ranging from a global perspective on the impact of disablism on disabled people across the planet, to fire safety for deaf people, attitudes to self-harm, the importance of role models and how to fight disablism.

Others described the impact that discrimination has had on their lives, how they had learned to live with a chronic health condition or with chronic pain, or provided anecdotes that celebrated positive attitudes to disability.

Ruth Madison blogged about the non-existent divide between disabled and non-disabled people, while Indigo Jo Blogs called for versions of websites for mobile phones to be made accessible, and Laura Woodhouse blogged about disablist language.