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Access Design Appraisals

Disabled Access Design Improvements

A common misconception is that by designing a building to construction standards Building Regulations Approved Documents BS8300 you will automatically comply with the disability provisions within the Equality Act.

But there’s more to it than that because the Equality Act is less concerned with buildings than with service. It requires that provision is made to overcome the discriminatory effects of any physical features of a building that place disabled people at a disadvantage.
At About Access, our disabled access design appraisals set out to ensure that inclusive design is achieved throughout the construction process.

We study accessibility provision from the earliest stage, looking at the plans and giving our advice at a point where corrections and improvements can be easily accommodated.
We use our experience and understanding to make recommendations that will assist a design team in incorporating features to improve access, and we also help them save time and money by avoiding potentially costly corrections once construction is underway – or event complete.

It could be as simple as suggesting the provision of a meeting room on the ground floor for visitors to a building, but even that can be a significant saving in an environment where a little knowledge can be dangerous and expensive.

Below is a short video about three ramps proposed for a church hall. All the ramps meet with the Approved Documents to the Building Regulations. We discuss the merits of each and make a recommendation. Would you come to the same conclusion?

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