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Patients at risk of missing healthcare plan deadline

Patients at risk of missing healthcare plan deadline
14th October 2009 developer

According to an article in the Times Online, millions of patients with long-term illness have not arranged a care plan with their doctors, campaigners say. The Government has promised to offer personalized care plans to 15 million people with chronic such as asthma, diabetes and heart disease.

The policy, outlined in the landmark review of the NHS by Lord Darzi of Denham last year, aims to offer people more choice and control over their treatment, setting goals such as returning to work, living independently or keeping people out of hospital.

The survey of 430 patient groups representing more than a million patients across England was carried out, but two thirds of those who replied said that less than 30% of the patients they represent had been offered or given a care plan. Those who did get a plan, only 30% of patients found them to be of benefit, the report found, and many had not been asked what they would like to have gained from the project.