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Marks & Spencer commit to Changing Faces campaign

Marks & Spencer commit to Changing Faces campaign
15th September 2009 developer

Marks and Spencer has become the first retailer to sign up to the Face Equality at Work campaign run by Changing Faces. Research by the charity has revealed that many people are unconsciously negative towards people with disfigurements. This can mean that people with disfigurements are more likely to be marginalised because little may be expected of them in their private and social life. Face Equality at Work was launched in 2008 to meet the discrimination and prejudice that people with disfigurements can experience, both as employees and customers.

Committing to Face Equality at Work requires employers to:

* commit to positive thinking about people with disfigurements, which will be reflected in policies and procedures

* become aware of the causes and effects of disfiguring conditions

* embed new behaviors when meeting someone, especially in interviews and customer service

Head of Professional Development at Changing Faces, said:

‘We are thrilled that Marks and Spencer have signed up and taken the lead on the high street. They really recognize the value of each and every customer, which is why they have such an excellent reputation for customer service. Signing up to Face Equality is a great way to celebrate this and will hopefully inspire other retailers to take the same positive steps.’