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About Access Managing Director

About Access Managing Director
3rd August 2009 developer

Ian Streets is the Managing Director of About Access and has 10 years experience in the disability field.

How did I get involved in access. This was through a good friend of mine who at the time was a valuation surveyor, he and his business partner were going on a two day training course on how to carryout access audits and I was invited, this goes back to 1999. My late father had a severe heart condition, my mother had remarried and I gained a new family members, including Ann who has learning difficulties and uses a wheelchair, so I thought I had a reasonable understanding around disability, how wrong could I be. But after the course I was hooked on the subject and still am. It is a subject that you never stop learning about.

My work has taken me all over the UK from the tip of Scotland, Thurso, down to the Channel Islands, Jersey and across to Northern Ireland and included all building types from new builds to castles and everything in between. My friends think I don’t have a proper job, driving around the country taking pictures of buildings! Given the opportunity I allow my enjoyment of motorcycling to dovetail in to my work. I remember when I had to visit sites in Coatbridge (Glasgow), Inverness and Thurso, all for the same client, I took the opportunity to use my bike, you have to take the opportunity when you can.